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Weitere Stories

Musik am Berg

Am 13. und 14. März findet im Saanersloch das Musik am Berg statt. Das Iglu-Dorf Gstaad organisiert am Freitag und am Samstag je ein Konzert direkt an der Skipiste. Geniessen Sie die gratis Konzerte und die perfekt präparierten Pisten im Skigebiet Schönried-Saanenmöser. Wir freuen uns auf ein tolles Wochenende mit guter Musik, Sonne und strahlenden Gesichter. Join the party and dance!


Am 7. März findet im Iglu-Dorf Stockhorn die Closing Party der Saison 2020 statt. Mit dabei: Der Vamp Club mit DJ FARONE und dem CLASSIC HOUSE Label. 

Ja nach Angebot ist für den gesamten Transport von Thun und züruck gesorgt, inkl. Aftershow Party im Vamp Club.

Achtung: Die Tickets sind stark limitiert. Also exklusives Ticket sichern, die warmen Tanzschuhe anziehen und mit uns auf dem Stockhorn feiern.


14 February 2020

Experience the spring-days after the slopes are closed in the coolest resorts of the mountain! Due to longer and milder days, staying overnight in the Igloo-Village is even more extraordinary. Make sure you get the unique experience with a spring discount of 20% on the entire accommodation offer.


Igloo villages in 3D view

22 January 2020

To give you a complete impression of the unique igloo villages, we have saved no effort. You can now comfortably enjoy this year's snow hotels in Davos Klosters, Gstaad, Kühtai, Stockhorn, Zermatt and on the Zugspitze in 3D. Click from igloo room to igloo room and discover virtually the entire igloo village with all its details. Almost as beautiful as a visit in real life, but just almost.

Unforgettable experiences for Christmas

17 December 2019

Who doesn't have an overnight stay in an igloo on his bucket list: Spending a night in the glittering world of ice and snow is a dream for many of us. Make it come true for your loved ones and give them a voucher for a night on the mountain close to the sky.

Kick-Off 2019

9 October 2019

At the 2019 Kick-Off, the igloo village crew experienced a cosy team event in a canoe on Lake Alpnach. Afterwards, the preparations for the coming winter season were intensified close to the Blockhitta at the Langis. 

The team around Barbara, Johanna, Dina, Adi, Elias, Dänu, Jan, Mäde and Marius will do everything in their power to provide you with a unique experience on the mountain this year again: whether fondue fun, igloo accommodation or event activity, we offer you pure winter magic. 

Feel like cooling down!

30 August 2019

Our advice start thinking about winter now: the igloo villages are the ideal place for very special and unforgettable moments in life. Celebrate with your company or privately, whether an event classic, Winter Olympics, product presentations, Christmas or birthday partys. There are no limits to the possibilities. It's best to start planning now, because the igloo season is short. Simply call or write a mail.

Exciting jobs to assign

12 August 2019

We offer different jobs from October/December. From the igloo builder to the booking office, everything is there. Have a look at our homepage, maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for. We cannot wait to recieve your application.

Sleeping in the igloo - for groups and for romantics

5 August 2019

Romance or group fun - both are possible. The Igloo Village offers many different places to stay overnight. Cuddle up in a group igloo for six or enjoy the luxury of a private whirlpool in the romantic igloo suite for two? Even the "normal" romantic igloos have a lot of romance to offer thanks to their unique two-person sleeping bags. However, all igloos have one thing in common: in the winter you can only sleep so cuddly in an Igloo Village.

Have the world to yourself?

29 July 2019

Our most exclusive type of accommodation, the "Star Igloo", makes this dream come true. On the Diablerets glacier at over 3000 metres above sea level, we build a private, individually designed Igloo Village with its own wellness area for you and your partner. Arrival by helicopter, onward journey by husky sleigh, all-round services with butler, cook and igloo guides are of course included.  This night everything belongs to you - including the surrounding mountains.

Winners of the igloo competitions

22 July 2019

In the middle of the summer, the raffle for the two big igloo competitions of the 2018 / 2019 winter season took place. Numerous overnight and day guests had answered the competition questions about the igloo villages - many, many thanks! The prizes included igloo village vouchers, watches and igloo bags filled with igloo merchandise. The 4 lucky winners were notified in writing. To all the others we wish good luck for the next competition!

Booking start Igloo Villages

15 July 2019

Even though the Igloo season is still a long way off, live capacity checks and online-bookings are already possible from now on. Weekends are usually very popular, so our hot tip is to book now for the coldest night of the year.  Or better: for the coolest night of the year. Because thanks to our expedition sleeping bags, it's not cold at all in the igloo rooms.

Igloos in summer?

9. July 2019

Heat, ice and sunshine. What a summer dream, the temperatures spread 100% holiday feelings. Who thinks of igloos? We, of course. Our Igloo Villages still defy the sun and have not yet completely melted away. Unfortunately it is not possible to stay overnight at the moment. We will let you know in time when it starts again.

Canyoning instead of Igloo Night

1 July 2019

If you are looking for an adrenalin kick, a canyoning tour is just the thing for you. Our partner Outventure offers tours with different difficulty levels, bookable for two people or more. In a wetsuit you jump, slide and swim through the beautiful landscape of the gorge. Abseiling is also part of it. Everything you need, you get from us of course.
A good igloo adventure alternative for everyone who loves nature.

Pure Romance

11 June 2019

Give your partner the feeling of being something special. We offer the setting, outdoors in nature surrounded by snow and simplicity.

Igloo feeling in the living room

3 June 2019

Igloo feeling in the living room:  It's best to take a quick look at the video, immerse yourself in the igloo world and look forward to the coming winter.

What happens to the igloos in summer?

27 Mai 2019

Nothing on the one hand and a lot on the other. The snow slowly melts in the sun until not a single piece of the igloos can be seen anymore. Then everything begins to grow again and in some places even cows graze! The cycle of nature takes its course until it starts snowing again - and we jump for joy, because then we can start building the igloos again. But we have to be patient until November. ;-)

Setting operation Igloo Village Schilthorn

20 Mai 2019

The Igloo Village Schilthorn is closed after two years of smooth operation. The reason is that the "Skyline Snow Experience" project of the mountain railways cannot be realised in short to medium term due to approval problems. The Igloo Village was planned as an integral part of this snow-area and cannot generate a sufficiently high frequency without it and its slightly decentral location. We regret this decision very much, we will miss the already loyal guests, the good cooperation with the cable cars and all employees as well as the unique location. We are looking forward to create and operate Igloo Villages in Davos-Klosters, Gstaad, Stockhorn, Zermatt, Kühtai in Austria and on the Zugspitze in Germany in the coming winter season.

Iglounge - Igloo feeling in summer

13 Mai 2019

If you feel like igloo feelings in hot summer, the Iglounge is just the thing for you. An inflatable igloo tent that can accommodate up to 150 people. It is very easy to set up in almost any location. For club occasions, birthdays, anniversaries - there are no limits to the ideas! Please send inquiries to info@iglu-dorf.com.

Thank you for a great igloo season

6 Mai 2019

This Sunday the Igloo Village Schilthorn was happy about its last visitors. Now we say goodbye to the well-deserved summer break. We had a fantastic winter and that thanks to all the overnight guests and day visitors. If you didn't all exist, our work wouldn't make sense. Thank you very much! We wish everyone a super beautiful summer and say goodbye again soon in winter.

Telemark only

29 April 2019

Last Igloo Weekend on the Schilthorn
Telemark Only is from Wednesday, May 1 to Sunday, May 5 at the Schilthorn. The slopes open for the last time this season - and only for Telemark enthusiasts. Of course, the igloo bar must not be missed at this event: From Friday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., there will be cool drinks and hot music. The igloo village is within easy walking distance even without skis. A great spectacle even for non telemarkers.

Heart-safe igloos

24 April 2019

Did you know that every Igloo Village is equipped with a ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator? In this way, first aiders can professionally resuscitate in case of emergencies on the spot until the rescue service arrives. This significantly increases the chances of survival. Thankfully, the defibrillators have never been needed so far. And of course we hope this stays that way!

Iglu House Party

15 April 2019

Good Friday, 19 April the igloo will be heated up again. From 12:30 - 16:00 DJ About Clint and DJ Jan Penarrubia will be playing at the Igloo House Party. The Igloo Village of Schilthorn can be reached on skis, snowboard or on foot. Let's fetz!

Last chance for a bed in the snow

12. April 2019

In the Igloo Village of Zermatt there are still a few places for the unbeatable combination of winter and spring feeling. On the following dates: Thurs. 18.4., Fr. 19.4., Sa. 20.4. and So. 21.4. So why not spontaneously book a cool igloo night for Easter week? There's still enough snow. But after Easter the igloo village closes and slowly but surely melts towards summer...

Iglu-Dorf Schilthorn in May!

8 April 2019

The ski season at Schilthorn runs until 28 April. During this time, the Igloo Bar is open on the weekends. Afterwards, the Igloo Village will open again from Friday, 3rd to Sunday, 5th May for the "Telemark only" weekend. From 09:00 to 14:00, all Telemark enthusiasts can enjoy refreshments at the igloo bar and enjoy the magnificent view.

Waterslide Contest

5 April 2019

Saturday, April 13th it will get wet again next to the igloo village Davos-Klosters. For all those who dare to take the boards, there will be an on-site registration from 10:00 - 12:00 (registration fee CHF 10,-). And don't forget: "Dress Old School". For all spectators the event starts at 13:00 o'clock with live DJ. It will definitely be fun at waterslide contest.

Behind the scenes of the Igloo Office

1 April 2019

Sophia or a colleague of the igloo team answers the calls of the service hotline with a happy smile. For over six years now, Sophia has been answering all your questions about the Igloo Villages. The most frequently asked questions are probably: "Is it cold there?" and "Are there showers?" Both can be answered with a lauching "no".


26 March 2019, 1 April 2019

Are you spontaneous and open for an unforgettable night in the snow? Our HOT DEAL offers are now available. Simply check the data and state the promocode IGLUST19 when booking!

Download PDF with HOT DEAL offers.


25 March 2019

Actually, an igloo night is always perfect and guests can be happy that the igloos are still open until at least 6 April, Zermatt event until 21st April. To make the night even more perfect, we recommend - from experience - that all snow enthusiasts pack two pairs of socks and a second cap in case a sock gets wet or a cap falls into the whirlpool. And another thing: don't forget the sun cream in spring for the "bath" in the deck chair!


22 March 2019

All igloo villages are situated at over 2000 metres above sea level, in the midst of beautiful snow-covered ski resorts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The igloos are still open until April and on the Schilthorn even until the beginning of May. During the day they tempt you with deck chairs in the sun and in the evening with stars to grab. The experience is topped off with a mountain panorama that makes you speachless.

Concert at Iglu-Village Schilthorn

18 March 2019

On 23 March, Jah on Holiday from 12:30 - 15:30 will provide a reggae atmosphere. The hot beats will hopefully not melt the Igloo Village Schilthorn!
During the breaks, le scHlyfJulien will keep the party going on an ice field next to the igloo and will amaze all spectators with his freestyle tricks.

Wellness in snow and ice - how is that possible?

15 March 2019

Each of our Igloo Villages has a small but fine spa. All overnight guests can enjoy unforgettable moments in the whirlpool. In the 38 degrees warm water, you can beautifully relax even at an outside temperature of minus 10 degrees. If then the stars sparkle close enough to touch in the sky, you can only sigh with happiness.


11 March 2019

Watch out snow foxes: On Monday, the bookings for the Cool Deal Week start. For igloo nights from 18 to 21 March 2019, there is a 20% discount. No matter if you are alone or six in the group-igloo or two in the romantic-igloo suite – the offer is valid for all igloo types (not combinable with other discounts).
Valid from Monday to Thursday, in all igloo-villages in Switzerland and in Austria in Kühtai.

Mogul Mayhem and St. Patrick'sDay in the igloo village Zermatt

8 March 2019

On Saturday, March 9, speed and courage are key to win the Mogul Mayhem Run. From the igloo bar you have a perfect view of the spectacle. On Sunday, March 17, traditionally St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in the Igloo Village Zermatt. If you wear green, you get a drink on the house.

Igloo-Thrill at night

4 March 2019

Igloo Thrill at night! The extra gondola will take you to Birg station below the Schilthorn. The guide takes guests to the Igloo-Village – via the spectacular Thrill Walk, a 200-meter-long rocky pier. Thrill and mountain experience in the dark! Then a delicious cheese fondue is served. After the dessert we go through the night back to the mountain station and with an extra gondola back to Mürren.

Book now!

Ride on Music in Gstaad

25 February 2019

From 7 to 10 March, the Schönried-Saanenmöser ski area will be transformed into a large festival area. The Ride on Music takes place for the seventh time.
Headlining this year's festival are Steff la Cheffe, KT Gorique and Churchhill.

Program Igloo-Village Gstaad:

Les Fils Du Facteur on Fri, March 8 at 13:30
buschi&anni on Sat, March 9 at 13:00

We are giving away 2 x 2 festival tickets and the according ski passes. Winners are those who tell us on Facebook or Instagram as a comment
why they and nobody else should get the tickets! Important: #iglusnowrocks. Answer until 04.03!

Igloo & Kota

25 February 2019

In Davos Klosters, Gstaad and Zermatt, all igloo guests can get to know not only the igloo-village but also the Kota – a wooden house that originated in Finland. You sit comfortably in a circle around the fire in the middle. A cinnamon bun is heated as an igloo dessert on the fire – just delicious. The Kota can be rented partly for private, large and small celebrations.

Photo exhibition - open until March, 3rd

22th February 2019

Stephanie Beer has been exhibiting her photographs in the Igloo-Village Stockhorn since the beginning of February. The photos impressively capture the play with light and shadow. On the white igloo walls they look very expressive. Due to good demand, the exhibition was extended until 3 March. It complements the art theme "50 years Stockhornbahnen" in the igloo village.
Igloo Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11:00 - 16:00.
Evening fondue: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bookings online.

Monday, February 25: Start Cool Deal Days

20 February 2019

Watch out snow foxes: On Monday, the bookings for the Cool Deal Week start. For igloo nights from 18 to 21 March 2019, there is a 20% discount. No matter if you are alone or six in the group-igloo or two in the romantic-igloo suite – the offer is valid for all igloo types (not combinable with other discounts).
Valid from Monday to Thursday, in all igloo-villages in Switzerland and in Austria in Kühtai.

Polaroid Challenge with the Igloo Village Gstaad: Fun as always!

15 February 2019

Also this year the igloo village Gstaad is present at the notorious Polaroid Challenge. It takes place on Friday, 22nd and Saturday, 23rd of February.
Each team has to shoot three polaroids at different locations. The cameras are handed out to the participants at each bar. So that the photos get the special kick at the Igloo Village, we build a special snow feature (suitable for every level). Two days fun from 10:00 - 16:00, 16:30  award ceremony , Party with live DJ and Night Session in the "Euterpark".
Download Flyer

Concert in the Igloo Village Schilthorn

11 February 2019

On Saturday, February 16, Pryes and friends, eight musicians from Grindelwald, celebrate their first joint igloo performance. Visitors can look forward to quiet sing a songwriter music, but also to pop cover versions of well-known songs. One thing is guaranteed - good mood. The concert starts at 12:30 and ends at about 16:00. It takes place in any weather.
Download Flyer

Thrill and a delicious fondue on the Schilthorn

8 February 2019

Do you fancy a nocturnal mountain adventure? Then this is for you: An extra trip will take you from Mürren to Birg station below the Schilthorn. There you will be equipped with headlamps and the adventure Thrill Walk begins. The Thrill Walk is a 200-meter-long steel structure that hugs the vertical walls of the imposing rock massif. You go over paved paths or you can sometimes choose the steel rope. Everything is of course very well secured and the guide is always with a supporting hand on the spot. Afterwards, take a walk to the cozy igloo, where a delicious cheese fondue is served. After all the excitement it tastes twice as good. Execution: Every Thursday and Friday. Exact departure times can be found here: Thrill Walk.

Igloo Villages in 3D view

6 February 2019

We have spared no expense and effort to give you a comprehensive impression of the Igloo Villages. That is why the snow hotels in Davos Klosters, Gstaad, Zermatt and on the Stockhorn are now in 3D. Click from igloo room to igloo room to discover the entire Igloo Village virtually. Almost as beautiful as a real visit, but just almost.

Lots of art and history at the Stockhorn

4 February 2019

On Saturday, 9th February, the exhibition of the photographer Stephanie Beer will open in the igloo village Stockhorn. It presents large and small exhibits on the subject of architecture. The photos impressively capture the play with light and shadow. This exhibition complements the art theme "50 years Stockhornbahnen" in the igloo village. Guests can read excerpts from the old hut book and admire pictures of the transport of the Stockhornbahn and the old bow lift. The snow art is also under the motto "50 years Stockhornbahnen", as is e.g. the view from an old gondola on the winter landscape shown, with the original control panel incorporated into the snow. Igloo opening hours: Saturday & Sunday 11a.m. - 4p.m.

Celebrate Valentine's Day in the igloo!

1st of February 2019

Nowhere are there nights with more romantic feelings than in an Igloo Village in the middle of the mountains. Therefore, on February 14, escape everyday life and spend unforgettable moments in the igloo. Together you can hear the snow crackle under your feet, bubble in the 38-degree warm whirlpool water, look at countless stars in the night sky and cuddle in the romantic two-pack sleeping bag. There are still some free igloo rooms in Switzerland and Austria, but the igloo village on the Zugspitze is already fully booked on 14 February.

Back to the roots: The Love Nest - building an igloo by yourself

18th February 2019

How is an igloo built to be comfortable and safe? Exactly this question answers the Igloo Village offer: Love Nest. With professional support, guests have the opportunity to build their own, romantic igloo. Snow block on snow block arises the igloo accommodation for an unforgettable night. Even as a team event, building igloos is a great and sustainable experience.

Craft and thrill in the igloo villages

25th January 2019

Each Igloo Village offers an extra snow experience, especially for groups. In Davos you become a snow artist, in Gstaad a snow blower and in Zermatt and in Kühtai an igloo builder. At the Schilthorn, the Evening Thrillwalk offers pure thrills, while the Stockhorn organises winter games and the Zugspitze igloo championships.
All experiences have one thing in common: unforgettable moments in the snow.

Unforgettable igloo evenings – even without overnight stay

21January 2019

The igloo villages on Stockhorn and Schilthorn offer „igloo luck“ even without overnight accommodation. The bar and restaurant are not only open to visitors during the day, but also on special dates in the evening. Thanks to advance reservation, guests can return to the valley as late as around 10:00 pm.
Even the Igloo Villages with hotel often offer late night fondues. In Gstaad, this experience can even be combined with a torchlight descent. For more information: Igloo Bar & Restaurant.

Igloo in Inferno fever

18 January 2019

When it comes to the end of January, at the "Schilthorn" regularly the "inferno" fever takes over. The Inferno race is held since 1928 and is considered the largest amateur ski race in the world. Because of its popularity, the number of participants had to be limited to 1,850! The start is below the Schilthorn at 2790 meters above sea level, the destination is in Lauterbrunnen at 800 meters. Good skiers need about 3/4 hours for the beautiful descent, the winners can do it in less than 15 minutes. This year's race will take place on January 26th. The folk festival around the Inferno begins on January 23rd. And the Igloo Village is right in the middle of it, providing socializing and culinary delights with the best views on the race and a perfect mountain panorama.

New in our family: the Igloo Village Kühtai

14 January 2019

For the first time we run an Igloo-Village in Austria this winter. Exactly in Kühtai near Innsbruck. We are happy that Joris Vermeulen keeps all threads in hand. Already last winter he worked in an Igloo-Village and is therefore no longer a "whitehorn". Wonderfully playful and cuddly, the Schneehotel presents itself to the guests with the art theme "Art Nouveau".

An island paradise - from Greenland to the dream island

11 January 2019

Not quite as big as Greenland – the largest island in the world, is the Igloo Village Davos Klosters, but also made entirely of ice and snow. A big walrus appears next to the ice bar, wales frolic on the walls and birds fly high in the snow sky. Other islands, such as Japan, Crete or Madagascar, are represented in the art theme as well. One thing is certain: The Igloo Village is varied and colorful with this art theme - even if snow is actually only white.

Six times open house

4 January 2019

In January, six of the Igloo Villages open their doors and offer a peek behind the scenes for a whole day. Davos Klosters starts on the 5th of January, followed by the Stockhorn on 6th, then Kuhtai on 12th, Gstaad and the Schilthorn on 13th of January. The final is Zermatt on 19 January. Everywhere a small program is offered and usually there is also a drink on the igloo house.

On 6th of January, the annual igloo hockey tournament will take place in Gstaad.



2 January 2019

Happy New Year to all of you. Hope to see you soon in the Igloo!

World champion in igloo construction

28 December 2018

Did you know that since 2016 we are world record holder in building the largest snow igloo? For the 20th anniversary of the Igloo villages, we have taken up the challenge and built the largest snow igloo in the world in Zermatt. In about 2000 hours, a team of 11 built 1387 snow blocks, each block weighing about 35 kilos. After 11 days the world record was achived. The igloo had a diameter of 12.9 meters. So far the record is unbroken and we are happy about the entry in the Guinness Book of Records

Sharp teeth on the Zugspitze

24 December 2018

Dezember 28th the Igloo-Village on the Zugspitze will open its snow doors. This year's motto "World of the Seas" divides the Igloo-Village into an over- and underwater world. Here you are guarded by a large snow lighthouse and an origami ship invites you to dream while you cuddle together in the romantic igloo sleeping bag. Not quite so harmless presents the snow hotel entrance. A huge shark jumps out of the wall. Thankfully, his sharp teeth are made of ice and can not snap. In the restaurant, however, you must be careful that you do not fall into the clutches of a giant octopus. Fascination and adventure are guaranteed.

The motto in the Igloo Village Gstaad: "Let's go to old Rome!"

21 December 2018

How impressive the new art theme is realized is shown by the fact that part of the Igloo-Village in Gstaad will turn into the famous Coliseum of Rome. The plan is to make the restaurant visually multi-storey, so that the guests will have the feeling that are really in a snow coliseum. Throughout the hotel you will find Latin proverbs, e.g. matching the ice bar: "In Vino Veritas - In the wine lies the truth". There is no need for a trip to Rome anymore and we say now: All roads lead to Gstaad.

Opened: Wilderness in the Igloo-Village Zermatt

17 December 2018

This Friday the first guests had the joy to sleep in the Igloo-Village. The new managing director Daniel Wunderlin loves the adventure, not only in his new job as an igloo managing director in Zermatt, but also in his spare time. So it is probably not coincidental that the art theme in the Igloo-Village Zermatt this winter was chosen "Out in the Wild". To be fair, however, one has to say that the topic decision was made during Dan's absence. He was on a track in the wilds of Alaska and could not be reached.The fate was simply turned into a virtue and "Out in the Wild" chosen as the art theme. Much to the delight of all igloo guests who do not have to travel to Alaska to find themselves in the middle of the wilderness. And fortunately for young and old, the snow eagles will definitely not be dangerous.

Last minute Christmas present

14 December 2018

A coupon for an igloo night will definitely bring happyness under the Christmas tree. A hint, freeze the voucher in an ice block and hand it over with a small ice pick. This is definitely a lot of fun.
The voucher can easily be obtained by calling +41 41 612 27 28 or online.

Just one more week

10 December 2018

Then the first Igloo Villages will open their doors. Zermatt and Stockhorn are making the start, followed by Gstaad, Schilthorn and our new location Kühtai and Davos Klosters and the Zugspitze.
14.12 Zermatt
20.12 Stockhorn
22.12 Gstaad, Schilthorn
24.12 Kühtai
25.12 Davos Klosters
28.12 Zugspitze
Attention: for all hockey enthusiasts the registration for the tournament on January 6th in Gstaad is already running.

Finde Manulu und gewinne eine Iglu-Nacht

30. November 2018

Am Samstag, 8. Dezember ist Manulu, das Iglu-Dorf Maskottchen, während der Ladenöffnungszeiten in der Luzerner Innenstadt und beim Bahnhof unterwegs. Wenn du ihn entdeckst, mache schnell ein Foto und poste es öffentlich auf deinen sozialen Netzwerken mit dem Hashtag #igludorf. Mit etwas Glück gewinnst du eine Übernachtung für zwei Personen im Gruppen-Iglu in einem Iglu-Dorf deiner Wahl. Das Foto mit den meisten Likes gewinnt.

Igloo construction started

29 November 2018

Juhu, the first snow is here and we are already busy at work. Up to 2000 tons of snow are needed for each Igloo-Village. It is shoveled, milled and carved. Whether at minus 10 or minus 20 degrees, our teams are building at daytime and sometimes even at night, so that the snow hotels can open in time.

New Year – plan now!

26 November 2018

Going to the mountains and New Year's Eve in the snow – every Igloo-Village offers a small but nice New Year's Eve program. Whether with or without overnight stay, in the igloo it will definitely be festive. For an unforgettable and atmospheric New Year's Eve, the Alpine panorama with the starry sky is the perfect place.

30% discount on Black Friday

19 November 2018

Do not miss this. On Romantic-Igloo Suite Bookings between November 20 - 23, 2018, there is a 30% discount. Our offer: Staying in a Romantic-Igloo Suite with private whirlpool, aperitif, fondue, snowshoe hike and breakfast. Happy hours that you will never forget! Book by phone or by e-mail for the Igloo-Villages in Davos KlostersGstaad and Zermatt. The reduction applies to overnight stays in the Romantic-Igloo Suite from 6th January to mid-April 2019 (Sunday to Thursday) and is limited in number. Therefore be fast.

New managing director in Zermatt

12 November 2018

Daniel Wunderlin now pulls all the strings in the Zermatt Snow Hotel. Already ten years ago he worked as a ski instructor and moved from Aargau to the beautiful mountains of Zermatt. In the Igloo Village Daniel started as an igloo guide, helped with the igloo construction and was also part of the world record team. In 2016, the largest igloo in the world was built on Rotenboden in 2000 hours out of 1387 snow blocks. Now it's time for Daniel Wunderlin to manage the entire snow hotel. Fortunately, a large part of the old team stays true to the igloo. "This will definitely be an exciting winter for me and for all our guests", laughs Danu and cannot wait to welcome the first visitors.

Igloo feeling for everyone

01 November 2018

At fixed public event dates, we offer fondue evenings in the Igloo-Villages for all snow enthusiasts. That means: you can enjoy the igloo feeling although you are not yet (quite!) ready for a whole night in the igloo. In the evening you take the gondola up to the Igloo, enjoy a delicious fondue and walk comfortably through the crackling snow back to the gondola to get down to the valley.

Marry all in white

25 October 2018

There is no better place for this wonderful experience than one of our igloo villages – with the bride and the snow chapel all in white. And the atmosphere is solemn in a very special way. Certainly not a classic way to marry (but classically everyone can). We look forward to accompanying you on this very special day.

Team building in the Igloo-Village

17 October 2018

Anyone who has built an igloo together as a group knows what a great experience this is. In the middle of nature - apart from the hustle and bustle - snow block is stacked upon snow block, until all at the end can proudly look at their self-built igloo. Another highlight of course: the night in your own igloo. This is guaranteed to be a team event that no one forgets.

Igloo fondue

12 October 2018

For our partner Intercheese cheese expertise comes first. Did you know that every igloo fondue is individually mixed with the cheese of the region? That makes not only a delicious fondue, but also emphasizes sustainable action by focusing on regionaliy. We are definitely glad having such a competent and experienced partner at our side.

Kick-Off Meeting 2018

2 October 2018

During the annual Kick-Off meeting, the Igloo-Village crew was thrilled during caving organised by Outventure

Now, the preparations for the coming winter season are ongoing. Enjoy the work together, Adi, EliasDänuJanJorisMarius, Mäde! 

If you are looking for an amazing event location, Igloo-Village is your fine partner for fun in the mountains. Whether fondue, activities, or overnight stays - we offer pure winter magic. 

Igloo & More

25 September 2018

Combine your igloo night with an offer from our hotel or adventure partners. An igloo package - that means even more rest and relaxation for the soul.


More Igloo Magic

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