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The GTCB (General Terms and Conditions of Business) of Iglu-Dorf GmbH apply to overnight stays in igloos and the included services as well as to events and to all further services. All offers of Iglu-Dorf GmbH ahall be based on these GTCB. These GTCB shall constitute an integral part of any agreement which is entered into. Any amendments to these GTCB shall require the express written agreement of the parties. Such a provision shall also apply to the waiver of this requirement that the written form be used. Should these GTCB conflict with any contractual terms of the Organiser, these GTCB shall take precedence over such conflicting terms.

1. Subject matter and conclusion of the contract

After receipt of the order confirmation via email, a contract incorporating these GT&Cs is concluded between you (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) and Iglu-Dorf GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser"). The person making the booking is responsible for communicating the GT&Cs to all other participants for which they are making the booking.
Discounts cannot be cumulated.
Any additional services (e.g. additional meals, reservation of means of transport, event activities, etc.) provided by partner companies are subject to their own general terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation or change of order by the Customer

We advise you to take out trip cancellation insurance so that you are covered in the event of illness, accident etc. The Customer is responsible for taking out such an insurance policy. We recommend e.g. Allianz for travel insurance.
Any cancellation must be received in writing and confirmed by the Organiser. The cancellation fees depend on the date the organiser received the cancellation notice. 
The following cancellation and postponement fees apply:

Specific provisions: COVID-19

We guarantee free cancellation of your booking (accommodation and events) should:
  • official regulations make it impossible to travel to the Iglu-Dorf or back to your place of residence. Ordered or self-imposed quarantine is excluded.
  • official regulations prohibit activities and/or events at the respective location
Additionally, the following conditions apply:
  • Any external costs incurred by third parties will be due for payment
  • Any expenses incurred by Iglu-Dorf may have to be reimbursed, if applicable
In the event of an official ban on travel, you may rebook or obtain a voucher or refund.
If you are unable to travel, you may let someone else use your booked room. You need to let them know your booking number, name and mobile number in writing in advance.
The mobile phone number that the Customer has entered for the day of arrival will also be used for contact tracing in cases where COVID-19 is suspected. The contact details of the entire group may be requested for use in contact tracing.
Please also note the points on health status under point 7. 

General provisions: Overnight stays and activities up to ten persons

Up to 30 days before the event 0%. 
Up to 14 days before the event 10%.

Up to 7 days before the event 20%.
Up to 72 hours before the event 50%.
Less than 72 hours before the event 100%

Between 30 days and 72 hours before the overnight stay, you can also postpone the booking within the season or to obtain a voucher for the overnight stay. A processing fee of CHF 30 per person will be charged in both cases.
If you booked your Iglu-Dorf via a commission partner or paid for it with a voucher from a commission partner, the refund will be made minus the commission amount. In any case, a maximum of 80% of the booking amount will be refunded and only in the form of a voucher.

General provisions: Events (exclusive bookings and group events)

21 to 8 days before the event 50%
Up to 7 days before the event 80%
Less than 72 hours before the event 100% 
If the group size is adjusted, the cancellation conditions set out above apply. A reduction of the order value by more than 20% is also treated as a cancellation. If you cancel an overnight stay that had already been postponed, we will charge a cancellation fee of 100%.
In general, a flat rate of 5% of the booking amount can be charged for costs already incurred or organisational work for event services. If the actual costs incurred for expenses are higher, these may also be billed.

3. Refunds

Whenever possible, we are happy to make the refund in the form of a voucher. In the event of a cash refund, the money will always be refunded to the source of payment used for the payment. Expenses incurred in the course of payment transactions by third-party institutions (bank, post office, credit card etc.) will be charged in addition to the cancellation costs.
Vouchers for services provided by Iglu-Dorf GmbH will not be refunded in cash, even if a booking has to be cancelled or postponed.

4. Late arrival

In case of late arrival or non-appearance of the Customer e.g. because of bad road conditions, traffic jams etc., 100% of the booking amount will be charged. Any additional costs incurred as a result shall be borne by the Customer. If the Customer joins an activity after it has started or leaves before it has ended, there is no right to a refund or partial refund.
Therefore, please allow plenty of time and note the times given in the directions.

5. Cancellations by Iglu-Dorf GmbH

The Organiser can cancel the overnight stay or the event in whole or in part due to cessation of cable car operations (wind, avalanches, pandemic etc.) or due to lack of snow. These will be made by telephone to the mobile number given at the time of booking. If the Organiser has to cancel the event on the date booked, the Organiser will offer the Customer an alternative of equivalent value if possible. If the Customer refuses this, 100% of the booking amount will be refunded or a replacement date will be sought. 
Cancellation by the Organiser is usually made by no later than 12:00 noon on the day of the booked accommodation/event. Arrival and departure costs, possible accommodation costs as well as cancellation costs of external services will not be borne by the Organiser. 
In the Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze, avalanche blasting may result in the Customer having to leave the Iglu-Dorf immediately, possibly even in the middle of the night. Depending on the situation, it may not be possible to return to the Iglu-Dorf. No refund may be claimed for such an interruption or termination of the stay in the Iglu-Dorf.

6. Insurance

The Customer is responsible for taking out insurance against losses due to accident, illness, cancellation etc. We recommend e.g. Allianz for travel insurance.

7. State of health of the participants

Good health is a prerequisite for all activities. The participant undertakes to inform the Organiser of any health problems, allergies or other important issues in good time. Participation in an activity under the influence of drugs and/or excessive alcohol, psychotropic drugs or the like is not permitted. The use of sauna and whirlpool is at your own risk and responsibility.
For the protection of guests and staff, you must be free of COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival. According to official regulations, these comprise symptoms include temperatures above 38.2°C, a cough or a sore throat. The cancellation conditions mentioned under point 2 apply.

8. Liability

The stay in the Iglu-Dorf as well as the arrival and departure are at the risk and peril of the Customer. The Organiser excludes any liability for damages and disadvantages of any kind for which the Organiser or its employees are not or are only slightly at fault. Furthermore, the Organiser rejects any liability for items brought on to the premises as well as theft, damage or other loss. The Organiser is further not liable for actions, negligence or omissions by third party service providers.
In the event of cancellations by the Organiser, the Organiser shall in all cases only be liable up to a maximum of the paid booking amount. Any claims must be received by the Organiser in writing no later than ten days after departure. The Customer is liable to the Organiser for any damage to and loss of the Organiser’s material caused by Customer or their companions. If instructions or tips issued by the Organiser are not observed, any liability of the Organiser shall be void.

The Guest / Organiser shall be liable to Iglu-Dorf GmbH for all damage and loss, excessive pollution and other prejudice caused by themselves, their employees, their agents, the persons participating in their events or other third parties. The Iglu-Dorf GmbH shall not be liable for the theft of and damage to property which is brought onto its premises by the Organiser, the persons participating in the Organiser’s events or by third parties.

9. Internet and printed matter

The igloo villages are built anew every year and change during the operational phase. Pictures used for communications are from previous seasons.
Changes may have been made to products and services after the editorial deadline for individual pages in brochures, leaflets etc. The information and details on these pages do not constitute any assurance or guarantee, whether explicit or implicit.

10. Governing law and place of jurisdiction

The current contractual relations shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract is the place of the registered office of Iglu-Dorf GmbH, Stansstad (NW). 
The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract shall not invalidate the entire contract. The parties to the contract shall deal with each other fairly and with loyalty and are required to settle claims, complaints and disagreements etc. in good faith through fair and objective discussions and direct round table negotiations.

Stansstad, August 2nd, 2021

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