About Us

A host of creative minds take care of the planning, construction and operation of the igloo villages. A total of around 89 employees, from igloo builders to managing directors, from accountants to bartenders, guarantee a perfect igloo stay in the middle of the winter mountain world.


Adrian Günter builds his first igloo in Scuol, above the “Motta Naluns”

The first igloo village in Scuol consists of three small, classically built igloos and offers space for 15 people.

Adrian Günter invents a new construction method with balloons. He has his idea patented in 2002.

As well as the sleeping igloos, guests are also offered a sauna for a warming experience in the snow. More than 1,000 guests are welcomed for the first time.

The Iglu-Dorf Zermatt is built for the first time.

2005/2006 – The igloo villages in Engelberg, Grindelwald, and on the Zugspitze are opened. Almost 6,000 guests spend the night in the igloos during that season.

Our “Bernese Oberland Iglu-Dorf” moves from Grindelwald to Gstaad, on the Eggli.

Iglu-Dorf GmbH wins the Young Entrepreneur Award Swiss Economic Award in the “Service” category.

The original Iglu-Dorf Scuol moves to Davos.

The Iglu-Dorf Andorra in the Pyrenees opens as a franchise with local management. For the first time, the Igloo Villages register over 10,000 overnight guests.

The Iglu-Dorf returns to the Engadine and opens in St. Moritz on Muottas Muragl for three years. In Gstaad we move from the Eggli to the Saanerslochgrat.

The first year for the Iglu-Dorf Stockhorn which offers cosy fondue sessions and skating on the frozen Hinterstockensee.

Iglu-Dorf celebrates its 20th anniversary and sets a world record according to Guinness World Records for building the largest igloo made of snow blocks.

The bar and event igloo on the Schilthorn with views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau opens.

We run the last winter season in Andorra before handing over operations to the local cableway company.

The Iglu-Dorf Engelberg closes its doors after 13 seasons due to being at too low an altitude.

The Iglu-Dorf Kühtai near Innsbruck (AT) is added to the portfolio.

The Iglu-Dorf Schilthorn closes after two years of smooth operation because the “Skyline Snow Experience” cableway project cannot be realised.

We look forward to welcoming you in Davos, Zermatt, Gstaad, on the Stockhorn and on the Zugspitze.


Our Team

  • Portrait: Adrian Günter
    Adrian Günter
    Initiator & Managing Director, Member Strategy Team
  • Portrait: Philipp Schilliger
    Philipp Schilliger
    Managing Director, Member Strategy Team
  • Portrait: Nadine Furrer
    Nadine Furrer
    Partner Management, Member Strategy Team
  • Portrait: Martin Vogel
    Martin Vogel
    Projects, Member Strategy Team
  • Portrait: Sophia Mönnicke
    Sophia Mönnicke
    Manager booking office, Product and Partner Management
  • Portrait: Jana Schild
    Jana Schild
    Employee booking office
  • Portrait: Judith Seeberger
    Judith Seeberger
    Employee booking office
  • Portrait: Vanessa Nana
    Vanessa Nana
    Working student Social Media & Marketing
  • Portrait: Morena Hostettler
    Morena Hostettler
    Responsible Accounting
  • Portrait: Stefanie Kurmann
    Stefanie Kurmann
    HR Responsible
  • Portrait: Géraldine Pucken
    Géraldine Pucken
    Media Relations
  • Portrait: Adrian Bof
    Adrian Bof
    Location manager Iglu-Dorf Davos Klosters
  • Portrait: Marius Mosimann
    Marius Mosimann
    Location manager Iglu-Dorf Gstaad
  • Portrait: Daniel Wunderlin
    Daniel Wunderlin
    Location manager Iglu-Dorf Zermatt
  • Portrait: Jan Wernet
    Jan Wernet
    Location manager Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze
  • Portrait: Nico Ammann
    Nico Ammann
    Location manager Iglu-Dorf Innsbruck Kühtai
  • Portrait: Odin
    Security Officer

Thank you

A very large thank you goes to our partners and suppliers, the mountain trains and their employees, the entire Igloo Village team, and everyone else who has contributed to the success of our six igloo villages. 

Iglu-Dorf GmbH carefully chooses partners who align with our company values and philosophy, such as Swiss quality and environmental awareness. 

For more information about our partners contact partner@iglu-dorf.com

Partner & Co-Partner

  • Bild von InterCheese AG
    InterCheese AG
  • Bild von Tecnica
  • Bild von Guess

Supplier und Ausrüster

  • Diwisa
  • Heuschnaps - Das Original
  • Hestra
  • Vivi Kola AG
  • Wyhus Belp


  • carta.media Spieleverlag GmbH
  • Ceccotorenas
  • Fun-Care
  • Geburtshaus Stans
  • Hewoo AG
  • Hot-Spring
  • Iglubauer
  • Kellenberger Kaminski Photographie
  • Klafs
  • Luft & Laune GmbH
  • Maier Grill
  • Pro Jacks
  • Outventure AG
  • Schröger bewegt
  • Trobolo Trenntoiletten
  • Unusual Hotels of the World
  • Wart Grillhütten
  • Zimmermann Kommunikation AG
  • Procamed AG
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