Building an igloo – the team event in winter

Lots of people dream of building an igloo themselves. What does it actually take? As well as perfectly prepared snow, the right tools make building an igloo considerably easier. But most important is having a functional and coordinated team. The igloo can only be finished in the specified time if all participants work together.


Building igloos has been part of who we are for 25 years now. Our igloo-building experts will teach you the theory and technique in a relaxed way. They thus lay the foundation for the common goal: a traditional igloo built using the Inuit technique. But first, let's take it one step at a time: 

  1. Preparation: together with the igloo-building expert, you’ll walk to the perfect spot to built an igloo yourself. You’ll learn what snow conditions make building an igloo easier and what else you have to consider when choosing your location. 
  2. Blocks of snow: in order to built an igloo using the Inuit technique, you need the right blocks of snow. Our igloo-building expert will show you how to get compact blocks and how to transport them without damaging them as far as possible. 
  3. Igloo building: the most important thing now is that the blocks of snow are placed with the right technique, order and shape. The igloo-building expert will give you helpful instructions on the foundation, radius, contact surfaces, raising the walls, closing the igloo dome and creating an entrance by shovelling. 
  4. Filling holes: once you’ve put a roof over the igloo and shovelled clear the entrance, you can fill the small gaps or holes. Now it’s time to decorate it. Compete with the other teams. Who has the best self-built igloo?


The right tools needed to successfully built an igloo will be provided by our igloo-building experts. But the tools on their own aren’t enough. As an igloo builder, you too have to be kitted out for the winter conditions:

  • Clothing: warm winter clothes
  • Shoes: winter shoes or walking boots
  • Cold: gloves and hat
  • Sun: ski or sun glasses, sun protection


As standard, mountain railway tickets as well as food and drinks are not included for igloo building. But we’re happy to offer you additional services so that your team event isn’t lacking anything.

  • Igloo building taster course: approx. 1 hour, from CHF 69.- / € 49.- per person
  • Traditional igloo building: approx. 3 hours, from CHF 139.- / € 88.- per person
  • Services: preparation of compact snow, introduction and instruction from a guide
  • Participants: from 4 people
  • Requirements: enjoying the snow

Where do you want to build an igloo yourself?

Team igloo-building events are available in the Swiss igloo villages in Davos Klosters, Gstaad, Zermatt, in the Austrian Kühtai bei Innsbruck and in the German Iglu-Dorf on the Zugspitze.

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