Arctic Winter Games – the team event in winter

Face the competition - as teams, you’ll compete in the most exciting winter disciplines. It’s all about speed, skill and cooperation. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed. But which team will emerge victorious in the Arctic Winter Games?


The Arctic Winter Games are among the most exciting competitions of all. Together with experienced igloo builders and winter experts, we’ve developed various team games in recent years. We’ll play the best games with you.

  1. Preparation: our guide will give you a warm welcome to the Arctic Winter Games. They’ll explain the rules, introduce the games and call for fair-play.
  2. Games: the different teams will compete in speed and skill, and skilfully solve the tasks as a team. Good communication and mutual motivation is essential.
  3. Presentation: the games are over, the points added up, and the champions crowned. When announcing what place each team came in, we propose a toast to all of us, in keeping with the Olympic spirit: because it’s the taking part that counts.


Our guides will provide the material and games. But that’s not enough on its own. As winter Olympians, you too have to be kitted out for the winter conditions:

  • Clothing: warm winter clothes
  • Shoes: winter shoes or walking boots
  • Cold: gloves and hat
  • Sun: ski or sun glasses, sun protection


As standard, mountain railway tickets as well as food and drinks are not included for the Arctic Winter Games. But we’re happy to offer you additional services so that your team event isn’t lacking anything.

  • Costs: from CHF 99.- / € 79.- per person
  • Services: 4 games incl. refereeing by guides and mulled wine
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Participants: from 10 people
  • Requirements: enjoying the snow

Where do you want to run the games?

We run Arctic Winter Games in the Swiss igloo villages in Davos Klosters, Gstaad, Zermatt, in the Austrian Kühtai bei Innsbruck and in the German Iglu-Dorf on the Zugspitze.

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