A big thank you goes out to the Igloo Village partners and suppliers, the mountain trains and their employees, the entire Igloo Village team and everyone else who has contributed to the success of the Igloo Villages.

Iglu-Dorf GmbH chooses its partners carefully and makes sure that the sponsoring relations fit with the product and the company philosophy. Values such as Swiss quality and environmental awareness are our priorities. It is important that each partnership creates a win-win situation for both parties. This is the only way to maintain a long-term, fruitful relationship.

All Iglu-Dorf partners fulfil these conditions and we are happy to work together with them.

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Supplier & outfitter


There is more Switzerland in Coca-Cola than you might think: Since 1936, Coca-Cola has been producing locally for the Swiss people. UP to 95% of the ingredients are produced by Swiss suppliers.

The ideal shoe for the Iglu village. Outstanding quality, reliably warm feet. The staff swear by Kamik. And we offer a large pool of test shoes to our guests.
Swiss Alpine Herbs

An unmistakable snow shoe experience is guaranteed with Tubbs snow shoes. These snow shoes are not just light and easy to handle but they are comfortable to walk in, too. Try it for yourself here at the Iglu village!
Wyhus Belp

Since it was founded almost 40 years ago, Wyhus Belp has signified enjoyment… and especially the enjoyment of wine, of course!
Good wines are fascinating in their uniqueness