A fabulous winter adventure! Supplement your unforgettable night at an Igloo Village with a hotel stay or an adventurous activity. Find our current package offers with selected partner hotels at the individual destinations here.

For enquiries, contact our booking office directly at or ring up on +41 41 612 27 28.

Igloo and Adventure

Fly Away (pdf)
Davos-Klostersfrom CHF 280.- p.p.
Go Fast & Slow Down (pdf)
EngelbergCHF 219.- p.p.
Igloo & Paragliding (pdf)
Engelbergfrom CHF 319.- p.p.
Rope Park and Igloo (pdf)
Engelbergfrom CHF 249.- p.p.

Standard-Igloo and Hotel

Iglu-Dorf und Spannort Inn (pdf)
Engelbergfrom CHF 199.- p.p.
Komfort und Abenteuer (pdf)
Engelbergfrom CHF 234.- p.p.
Midweek Deal (pdf)
Engelbergfrom CHF 274.- p.p.
Ski Heil (pdf)
Davos-KlostersCHF 267.- p.p.
Winterness (pdf)
Gstaadfrom CHF 249.- p.p.

Romantic-Igloo and Hotel

Alprausch (pdf)
Davos-KlostersCHF 399.- p.p.
Eibsee Winter Zauber (pdf)
Zugspitzefrom EUR 279.- p.p.
Romance on the Rocks (pdf)
ZermattCHF 519.- p.p.
Some Say Love (pdf)
Gstaadfrom CHF 399.- p.p.

Romantic-Igloo Plus and Hotel

Am Louenesee (pdf)
Gstaadfrom CHF 509.- p.p.
Night on the Rocks (pdf)
Gstaadfrom CHF 499.- p.p.


Back to Nature (pdf)
ZermattCHF 1'699.- p.p.
Build your own Igloo (pdf)
Zermattfrom CHF 454.- p.p.
Discovery Week (pdf)
Zugspitzefrom EUR 998.- p.p.